Washing service charges 

Why not drop off your washing and pick it up later. If you are pushed for time you can leave your laundry to be washed, dried and nicely folded by our experienced staff for an additional small service charge. 

Small machines  (16lbs)

Service charge per small machine - £1.50.

cost of wash per machine -  £4.00.

cost of dryer per 10 minute cycle - £1.00.  

Large Machine 25lbs  

Service charge per large machine - £1.70.

cost of wash per machine - £6.00.

cost of dryer per 10 minute cycle - £1.00

 Garment care 

We take great care in processing your garments, however it is your resposibility to check the following :-

All pockets are emptied beforehand.

Suitability of all items for washing and drying.

The sorting of your items into appropriate colours. 

Ironing service charges 

£1.10 for a 1 LBS


Trousers £1.00 per item

Shirts £1.00 per item 

Full service - wash dry and iron is available please contact us 

Commercial customers

Please see our commercial customer page, contact us for prices. 


 A deposit is required for all service washes and ironing. 

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